don't put that s**t in my tea imageNot that you would put salt in your teacup, but there are plenty of other ways to ruin a cup of tea. The best way to enjoy tea (especially GLF White Tea) is in its natural state. To experience the flavor and absorb the incredible health benefits, leave out the extra additives and let the leaves do their magic. Adding milk reduces the health benefits because milk proteins bind with the polyphenols. The precious antioxidant content is reduced even more with low-fat milk.

So why does anyone put milk in tea? Green and black teas have a short shelf life of 1 to 2 years. After that they lose flavor and health benefits. The tea becomes less tasty; therefore people will add milk, sugar, honey, flowers or herbs to bring it back to a state of enjoyment. Also, brewing tea too long will cause it to become bitter. Inserting some additives will cover up the bitterness. This also turns a very healthy beverage into a calorie-filled cup of potential weight gain. If a person really needs to add something, use a citrus fruit such as lemon, oranges, or grapefruit. This method will increase the polyphenol content and add some good ol’ vitamin C.

At GLF Tea USA we like our liquid kept natural. One of the benefits of white tea is the fact that as it ages it actually increases the polyphenol content, lowers the caffeine, and enriches the flavor and aroma. Why would anyone want to cover up something that Mother Nature has done such a great job of creating?

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