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Visit other tea websites and you might become confused about which tea to buy. Here at GLF Tea USA, we have made it simple. We pick the teas we believe you should try. You won’t find dozens of variations. Each tea has been tasted by our team of tea lovers in the USA and China. We select the best grade, so we know you’ll enjoy the flavor of each of our teas. Take the guesswork out of your tea purchase.

Now you can experience the aroma and flavor of the healthiest tea of all! Visit our GLF Tea Store or call us toll-free at 1-855-ALL-4-TEA (1-855-255-4832) to receive our GLF White Tea sampler package, a $59.95 value. WAIT! WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE! Visit the GLF Tea Store now.

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GLF Tea USA donates 10% of profits to support our veterans

GLF Tea USA donates 10% of sales to support our veterans