“Slippery Bamboo Beam” Pu’er
Menghai County Xishuangbanna

Grown at an altitude of 2420 Meters (7,940 feet)

puer tea from yunnan china imageThe location of 滑竹梁子山 “slippery bamboo beam” pu’er tea originates in the mountains of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. There are many wild bamboo trees the locals call “slippery bamboo.” This sweet bamboo is fine and tall, long and slippery. The morning mist floats through the bamboo and tea trees like a soft smoke.

The tea is named “Menghai Family“(勐海之家)is grown in the original forest at the top of Xishuangbanna mountain at nearly 8,000 feet, providing a clean environment. The tea leaves shape is tight and even, grayish brown in color. The liquid is a bright yellow with a full, fresh, sweet aroma and flavor.

This Pu’er tea is a low-priced, medium strength option that is perfect for the beginning Pu’er drinker. Infuse the leaves for about 10 seconds with water slightly cooled off from a boil. Any longer and it can become bitter.

Each tea cake contains 357-grams. You can also order a package of 7 cakes beautifully wrapped in local area bamboo. Puer tea cake wrapping image

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bamboo wrapped puer cakes image

Menghai Family Pu’er tea cake (357-grams) $45.00

Bamboo wrapped package of 7 tea cakes (2.5-kg total) $255.00 (FREE shipping)

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