Characteristics of White Tea

Every local household in Taimu Mountain keeps some old white tea for medical purposes because they believe “tea of one year is tea, tea of three years is medicine, while tea of seven years is treasure.” Aged white tea smells fragrant, looks thick and reddish brown, and tastes mellow and smooth.

The manufacturing process of white tea usually consists of two steps, namely withering and drying, while the former one is the key step. In this process, frying and rolling are excluded to maintain enzymatic activity and to avoid oxidation. Tea is rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols, flavonoids, mineral substances, multivitamin and above all, active enzymes, all of which are necessary for the body. Accordingly, long-term consumption will improve enzymatic activity, facilitate catabolism of fat, effectively regulate secretion of insulin, delay intestinal absorption of grape fruit powder, and promote sugar balance of blood. It has been proved to be a safe and healthy drink by medical research.

Fujian Guang Lin Fu Co., Ltd, represented by GLFTeaUSA in America specializes in white tea production and is a key leading tea company of Fujian Province and a top 100 tea enterprise of China. It has been certificated by ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System and HACCP System, hence high quality assurance of its products. From raw materials to processing technique, the quality of its white tea is strictly controlled, so that it is able to win a reputation with the best quality. GLF white tea is sold overseas and highly regarded in countries like The United States, European countries and Russia.
GLF Tea Company was established in 1957 (a former state-run tea factory) as one of the earliest white tea factories in China, therefore it has inherited the most excellent tea process experience. Our factory has more than 300 employees and covers 172,223 sq ft, with a construction area of 92,570 sq ft. It has planted tea in more than 9 sq miles of land at an average altitude of 2789 ft.

Brewing White Tea

Strong white tea is not suggested. 5g (1 tsp) of tea will be suitable for 150ml (5oz) water, and the water temperature should be 90℃–95℃. If no thermometer is available, boil the water then let it cool down for one minute. Use the highest quality water, natural spring being best. After brewing for 30 seconds, filtrate and pour the water into the cup, then enjoy it. The second-round brewing needs 20 to 45 seconds and don’t make the tea before you are ready to drink. Experiment with steeping time to reach the desired flavor. We recommend our Press Art Tea Pot for a quick and easy method of brewing.